JC DeYoung Freedom & Prosperity For You!

JC DeYoung Freedom & Prosperity For You! JC DeYoung Freedom & Prosperity For You! JC DeYoung Freedom & Prosperity For You!

~fighting for a better tomorrow!


Who is JC?

Engineer. Manager. Entrepreneur. Nonprofit Founder.

  • Champion for Excellence
  • Creative Conservative 

JC's 22+ years of experience with government organizations plus many years of entrepreneurial ventures powered by: 

  • Dedication to Service
  • Forward Thinking & Action-Oriented   
  • Communication Excellence

Utah Congressional Candidate 🇺🇸 - District One


JC DeYoung enters the political arena as a staunch supporter of President Trump and Conservatives. She has over 22 years experience in the world of building software/hardware systems to support our military, law enforcement and judicial systems. She will implement her strong background in quality, management, process excellence and analysis as a Republican lawmaker in Washington, DC. JC’s education and experience will amplify her impact in defending the Constitution. She has received many awards/certifications. JC is from a nature-loving, conservative, accountant heavy family, enjoying weekend family trips at her Dad’s hunting lodge. 

About JC deYoung



Corporate Career

Corporate Career

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
  • Associates in Applied Science: Industrial Electronics (AAS)


Corporate Career

Corporate Career

Corporate Career

JC was honored to use her business and technical education to serve in the defense industry and corporate world to support our heroes in the Military, Law Enforcement, and Judicial System for over 22 years 🇺🇸



Corporate Career


Entrepreneurship over time including 

projects in the following areas:

  • Edutainment
  • Conservative Publisher
  • Investor
  • Financial Blogger
  • Film

Freedom Rings Now!

Defender of Conservative Values

Defender of Conservative Values

Defender of Conservative Values


JC defends Conservative Values and Republican policies as the most effective strategies to Improve the lives of all Americans. JC will make sure that you are informed on policy impact for you in Utah and for our country. From Washington, DC, JC will have even more insight to straighten out propagated misinformation.

Champion for the Constitution

Defender of Conservative Values

Defender of Conservative Values


JC is a champion for the United States Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment. JC will fight for policies that support your freedom to defend your own life, home, family, others, property, or the state as your constitutional right. 


Advocate for Free Speech

Defender of Conservative Values

Supporter of President Trump


Free speech is paramount to a balanced, well-operating society. Our founders created a framework that was intended to be balanced to best serve the people....all Americans. JC will work as an advocate for conservative free speech and a well-balanced media.  People are in great need of high-quality reporting and information that focuses on actually educating the public.

Supporter of President Trump

Advocate for "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Supporter of President Trump


President Trump's successful policies and ingenuity in a wide variety of areas are unprecedented. He is laser-focused on making life better for all Americans.  His many accomplishments have exceeded expectations for Americans regardless of their political affiliation. Many liberals have woken up, walked away and are now his biggest supporters. 

#Trump2020 #Walkaway

Promoter for Unity

Advocate for "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Advocate for "The Pursuit of Happiness"


JC promotes unity for all Americans.

Advocate for "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Advocate for "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Advocate for "The Pursuit of Happiness"


Advocate for "The Pursuit of Happiness" ~ your Fundamental Right as an 

American / United States citizen.

What JC cares About


Support our Heroes

I fully support those who defend us and protect our individual freedoms:

  • ❤️  Veterans 
  • ❤️  Military 
  • ❤️  Law enforcement
  • ❤️  Firefighters
  • ❤️  Emergency Management & First Response 


State Controlled Lands


The State of Utah has done an excellent job at balancing habitat and land preservation with economic growth, recreational use and tourism. The ongoing issues with public lands need to consider all of the angles and weigh the impact of people’s livelihoods and economic impact within the context of the incredible abundance of land and natural habitat in the great state of Utah. 



It's time to revise our education system to increase the chances of success for our children's future ~ in every socioeconomic status. We  can improve the way students learn, what they are learning, and how we deliver information to better develop strength and leadership skills for children and students at every level.   


Creative, Passionate, Frugal Conservative

Your candidate JC DeYoung, believes in being an authentic and frugal conservative. Voting for JC will result in sending a dedicated, smart, lawmaker to DC that will be honored to serve to fight for your constitutional rights with passion and ingenuity.

Help JC to uphold your own values and to support President Trump's innovative leadership in Washington, DC.

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DeYoung For Congress

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